Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Anton Wildenauer Automobile, Düsseldorf

The first time we met Anton (Toni) Wildenauer was at Nürburgring. He was a Puch-Enthusiast, but Abarth-Enthusiast as well. One day the post dropped in a parcel - with some contents visible above.

We had an aggreement to compete on the Nürburgring; me in a concerted Fiat 500 F/Abarth 595 esse esse, he in a converted Fiat 500 with a Steyr-Puch-engine.

Mr. Wildenauer drove Rallyes in the 60es with his well known Steyr Puch 650 TR and was still on fire, even though he had to close down his Fiat place of business at Düsseldorf in the late 80es, he was about 55 years old then.

His mother, in her 90es, was still active and  enjoyed any visit with an old Fiat at Düsseldorf; she settled the business together with her husband, Anton Wildenauer Senior. She still knew everything about motorbikes and cars.

When I finally came to interview him at Düsseldorf I regretfully have to admit he never received the results as I received the information about his death 6 weeks later, so I created the set oc CD for his family.

Our race remained a competition of sympathy.

More in future.

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