Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Nadina Abarth-Zerjav - some fotoes

At least this is a beginning to post some foto of Mrs. Nadina Abarth-Zerjav.
Above you see her sitting in a bar close to her appartment, the next foto shows her small telephone-desk at the entrance of her living-room, please notice the glasses that have the Abarth-logo.

 Mrs. Nadina Abarth-Zerjav in the morning of  5.3.1996 at Parco Valentino.

Nadina Abarth-Zerjav beside some Abarth-cars 1955 during the Salone di Torino

 stepping backwards further on I do not like to deny this foto

 Carlo and Nadina Abarth at Karersee / Carezza 1949

The parents of Nadina Abarth-Zerjav, Milena and Gregor Zerjav.

Usually, when she went to Vienna, she went to her former husband tomb also.

Shortly after his funeral she went there to leave these flowers.

Stampasera, 26.10.1979

 She never stopped to speak lovingly about her husband she always adored even after the divorce
- until she died.

pardon me, but please do not sell cheap copies of these fotoes anywhere !

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